Borax Pentahydrate

About The Product

Borax Pentahydrate is the most commonly used refined sodium borate in a wide range of industries like Ceramics, Glass & Glass Fibre, Insulation Fibre Glass etc.

Borax Pentahydrate is a much-concentrated product as compared to Borax decahydrate and thus leading to savings in handing, transportation & storage costs.

Borax Pentahydrate is a white, crystalline and free flowing. It is stable at room temperatures and dry indoor storage is recommended for longer shelf life.

Uses and Benefits of Borax Pentahydrate

  • In Ceramics, Borax Pentahydrate increases the strength, scratch resistance of wall & floor tiles, table & sanitaryware etc. It also plays a vital role in reducing melting temperatures and improves the fit between the glaze & body in ceramic application.
  • In Glass, Borax Pentahydrate is used as a source of B,O, in various types of glasses – fiberglass, textile fiberglass and borosilicate glasses (heat resistant,illumination, cookware, medical/cosmetic containers etc. The vital functions of Boron are: as a flux, to Increase heat resistance of glass and maintain durability.
  • Other applications of Borax Pentahydrate are as a laundry detergent booster, cleaner, preservative, fungicide, insecticide, herbicide, disinfectant and dessicant. In some industrial applications, Borax Pentahydrate is used as a buffer, a dispersal agent, welding flux and to control viscosity.

Product Specification

Product Name
  • Borax Pentahydrate
Chemical Name
  • Borax Pentahydrate,Borax 5 Mol,Di sodium tetraborate pentahydrate
Chemical formula
  • Na2B4O7,5 H2O
  • 12179-04-3
molecular Weight
  • 291.35
  • white,odourless,Crystalline Solid
Bulk Density (Loose)
  • 1.02 gms/cc
Particle Size
  • +1.2 mm. 3.0%Max. -0.075mm. 5.0%Max.
Boron content (As B)
  • 15.0% Min
Boron content (As B2O3)
  • 48.0 % Typical
  • 21.25 % Max
Solubility in water
At 20° C
  • 3.80%
At 100° C
  • 51.20%
pH@ 20° C
pH 0.1% solution
  • 9.3
25 Kg HDPE Bags with Inner Line
  • Toxic, if swallowed
Transportation Category
  • Non Hazardous
  • Non Flammable