Borax Decahydrate Granular

About The Product

Borax Decahydrate Granular is the refined form of natural sodium borate.

Borax Decahydrate Granular is mainly composed of boric oxide (B,O,), sodium oxide and water.It is a mild, alkaline salt, white and crystalline, with excellent buffering and fluxing properties.When dissolved in water, it hydrolyzes to give a mildly alkaline solution, thus capable of neutralizing acidic soils.

It is an important multifunctional source of B,O” particularly where the simultaneous presence of sodium is beneficial.

Borax Decahydrate Granular is used as a source of micronutrient B and can be blended with commonly used bulk I liquid fertilizers & micronutrient mixtures for Soil application or Foliar Spray.

Uses and Benefits of Borax Decahydrate Granular

  • Borax Decahydrate Granular has many industrial applications, out of which the most common are in soaps and detergents as a pH buffering agent & as an additive in formulations for cleaning hard surfaces.
  • It is used as a fluxing agent in metallurgy and its ability to dissolve metal oxides is exploited in the recovery of metals such as brass, copper, lead and zinc from scrap or smelting slag.
  • A combination of Borax Decahydrate with Boric Acid forms an effective wood preservative.
  • Borax Decahydrate forms a part of the starch adhesive formulation for corrugated boxes, for neutralizing the residual acid from the pickling stage in wire drawing process.

Product Specification

Product Name
  • Borax Decahydrate Granular
Chemical Name
  • Borax Decahydrate,Borax 10 Mol,Di sodium tetraborate decahydrate
Chemical formula
  • Na2B4O7,,10 H2O
  • 1303-96-4
molecular Weight
  • 381.35
  • white,odourless,Crystalline Solid
Bulk Density (Loose)
  • 0.812 gms/cc
Particle Size
  • +1 mm. 0.8%Max. -0.060mm. 4.0%Max.
Boron content (As B)
  • 36.40%
  • 16.25% Typical
Matter Insoluble in Water
  • 1.0% Max
Solubility in water
At 20°C
  • 4.70%
At 100°C
  • 65.64%
5 Kg / 10 Kg and 25 Kg HDPE Bags with Inner Line
  • Toxic, if swallowed
Transportation Category
  • Non Hazardous
  • Non Flammable