Borax Decahydrate Crystals

About The Product

When people think of Borax Decahydrate (also known as Borax or Sodium Tetraborate) they only think of a white crystalline or fine powder. However, in few Asian countries like India, China etc. Borax Decahydrate is traditionally used in Crystal form.
Borax Decahydrate Crystals (as they are commonly called) are mainly composed of Boric Oxide (B,o,), Sodium Oxide and water.
Borax Decahydrate crystals are transparent, colourless & not flammable or reactive. They are measuring approx. 3-5 inches in size.

Uses and Benefits of Borax Decahydrate Crystals

  • Borax Decahydrate Crystals are used as metallurgical fluxes-The ability to dissolve metal oxides is exploited in the recovery of metals such as brass, copper, lead and zinc from scrap or smelting slag.
  • Borax Decahydrate Crystals are used as a cover flux to prevent oxidation at the surfaoe of the molten ingot.
  • In welding, brazing, and soldering-Borax Decahydrate Crystals covers the metal surfaces, excluding air and preventing oxidation.
  • Traditionally, in India, Borax Decahydrate Crystals have been used for thousands of years in Unani medicine as an antiseptic.

Product Specification

Product Name
  • Borax Decahydrate crystals
Chemical Name
  • Borax Decahydrate,Borax 10 Mol,Di sodium tetraborate decahydrate
Chemical formula
  • Na2B4O7,,10 H2O
  • 1303-96-4
molecular Weight
  • 381.35
  • Colourless Transparent Crystals
Bulk Density (Loose)
  • 1.78 gms/cc
Particle Size
  • 3-5 Inches
Boron content (As B)
  • 10.5% Min
Boron content (As B2O3)
  • 36.4% Typical
  • 16.25% Typical
Matter Insoluble in Water
  • 1.0% Max
Solubility in water
At 20° C
  • 4.70%
At 30° C
  • 65.64%
25 Kg Nett HDPE Bags with Inner Line
  • Toxic, if swallowed
Transportation Category
  • Non Hazardous
  • Non Flammable